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Welsh Government Learning Grant Further Education 2023/24

WGLG FE Agreement Form

This is your Learning Agreement form:

Student ID Number

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Student Agreement

Please read this agreement carefully We can only progress your application for Welsh Government Learning Grant Further Education (WGLG FE) if your college has confirmed that you have signed and dated this learning grant agreement.

  • I confirm that the information I have previously submitted is still correct and that I have notified any changes thereto in accordance with my original application terms.
  • I confirm that I have not been in receipt of any other funding from the Welsh Government for this level of study or course. Please note, this does not apply if you have previously received Education Maintenance Allowance.
  • I understand that any attempt to dishonestly obtain WGLG FE shall be treated as fraud and may result in criminal and/or civil proceedings against me.
  • I understand that as part of the WGLG FE, the information which I have provided maybe subject to review as part of a sample check.
  • I confirm that if I withdraw from my course, I will repay all or part of my WGLG FE allowance for all or part of the year.

Preferred correspondence language

What language would you like us to use when we communciate with you?

Consent to share

Do you consent to your college sharing your information with your parent(s) or partner?

Extenuating Circumstances

Are you currently aware of any extenuating circumstances that may affect your attendance (for example, you help to provide care for a family member who is ill or disabled)? You should inform your college if you become aware at any time of extenuating circumstances that may affect your attendance.

Course Details

Please enter your course name, tutor name and campus:

Attendance Criteria

Payments are made based on learners achieving a minimum of 90% attendance each term, not overall. Payments will be made on the following dates: Monday, October 24th - Monday, February 6th - Monday, May 15th Providing learners have met this criteria.